Crowdfunding Success Stories Include $35,000 for Sock Monkeys and $2,000 for a Dry Composting Toilet

Crowdfunding Success Stories Include $35,000 for Sock Monkeys and $2,000 for a Dry Composting Toilet

Social entrepreneurs of all varieties are turning to crowdfunding to launch or expand their social efforts; recently I’ve connected with five who have shared their stories of how they raised up to $100,000 each. Do Good Bus Tour, Las Vegas Rescue Mission Rebecca Pontius led the effort for an organization called the Do Good Bus to raise $100,000 on StartSomeGood to show people how to volunteer by taking them on a bus to volunteer all around the country. She said,…

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Crowdfunding could give small business a fighting chance

By Joel Freeborn The Security and Exchange Commission must establish regulations to allow entreprenuers collect start-up capital The United States has adopted a financial culture where banks are too big to fail and individuals are too small to succeed. The financial crisis and the consolidation of banking titans made it increasingly difficult for small business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs to obtain the crucial capital for enterprise. Small businesses need a new line of credit, and the solution is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding…

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Crowdfunding 201: A New Model From Seed & Spark

By Lucas McNelly It’s a familiar scene to many filmmakers: they budget out their film, calling in favors left and right, then they launch their crowdfunding campaign and someone sends them an email that says, “Hey, I don’t have any money to give, but I’d love to help.” Invariably, that help can lower the budget. Maybe they have a location you can use for free. Or extra lenses they can loan you. Or they can edit the film for you.…

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Regulating Crowdfunding by OPEN Forum


Crowdfunded smartwatch launch raised $10m


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